For reviewers

ACTA CLINICA CROATICA is a scientific journal with the double-blind review process which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

While conducting the review please pay attention to the following issues:
– Check if the paper meets the submission criteria of the journal (e.g. length, scope, and presentation).
– Answer review questions in the report form to indicate the overall quality of the paper
– If you disagree with the author’s opinions, you should still allow them to stand, provided they are consistent with the available evidence. If not, then authors, as well editors, will welcome constructive criticism from your review.
– If the paper is not suitable for publication, please elaborate on the points for refusal. Both authors and editors will appreciate the well written negative feedback.

The review form consists of the following questions:

  1. Is the paper of relevance to journal readers?
  1. Does the title of this paper clearly reflect its content?
  1. Is the abstract sufficiently informative especially when read in isolation?
  1. Does the introduction section introduce the paper subject, its research context and relevance?
  1. Are the methods/material correctly exposed and sufficiently informative?
  1. Are the results clearly presented?
  1. Does the discussion relate the findings of this paper to existing knowledge?
  1. Are interpretations and conclusions sound and justified by the data?
  1. Is the structure and organization satisfactory and is the paper clearly presented?
  1. Is the length appropriate to the content?
  1. Are the illustrations and tables adequate, necessary and informative?
  1. Are the references adequate and in agreement with the reference style included into the new Instructions for Authors? Reference style is available at:

Brief manuscript evaluation

A – accept without changes

B – accept after minor corrections

C – considerable changes should be made before accepting

D – refuse

Suggestion for manuscript category

A – original scientific paper

B – preliminary communication

C – review

D – professional paper

E – conference paper

F – case report

We encourage the reviewers to elaborate on the questions with a comment, where needed, and to include the additional comments, if needed.

Please find the review form in WORD format at the following link:

Review form